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Modern Aviation

he Wright Brothers' First PlanePhoto by David JamesonATHRUST COMight, the first thing to come to mind is orville aWright, who built and the piloted the first aircraft

While this happened over a centuryago, people are still fascinated with the pictures of the first airplaneJoin us as we honour the forefathers of modern flight, and feature pictures of the Wrightbrothers’ first aResearch and DevelopmenWhen you look at the Wright brothers' plane pictures, remember that designinglanning and building an aircraft takes a lot of time Here are the major steourneyhe first Wright aircraft was actually a glider flown on a string, much like a kiteprove the model, they spent time observing birds to learn about wing shape and liftMore gliders were constructed after the flight, and by 1902 they decided to build apowered a

le Il-2 was a tank buster with a great combat record, andmore than 36 000em bug the was aiso tneterrifiedne and it hadBf-109(Messerschmitt)umerous planes auring the wao wrest control ofe skies fromn and later the us

the messerschmitt was their best effort in theearly years of the war and was on par with the spitfire in many ways, but because theywere used primarily as escorts, they were often outmatched by higher altitude fightersike the Spitfire There are plenty of Wwi airplane pictures of these and spitfires alikeWhile the skies over Europe and the pacific werewith dozens of different aircraftfrolor powers, the WWll aircraft photos above are among theost popular from that eraDue to their superior combat records, flight capabilities, speed, and firepower, theseaircraft became symbols of the efforts made by the countries who flew them As far aspictures of war planes go, these are among the most common you will see

Jet engine picturesAirbus A380 is the largest commercial passenger airplanemaximum take-off weight of 12 million pounds, it is amazing that something so largand so heavy can even get off the groundPhoto by David JamesonATHRUST COMSo how exactfly?at question is complex and requires a Scientific explanationike lift, weight, thrust and drag

Today were going to focus on thrust while featuringlow a Jet Engine Worksted by engineers and scientists-biat does t mean tnacant have a fundamental understanding of how one worksAs you examine the jet engine images on this page, consider this informationAt the front of everygine is a fan that suckshe air then flows to a compressor, which is a series of fans and blades in thedle of the engine It is the compressor s job to compress the air-whicheans to raise the pressure of the alhis high pressure air is then sprayed with fuel, and then ignited with a sparko start a flame Gases and fire rush out the back nozzle of the jet engine Thejet engi

he backward motion of gases rushing out actually pushes the aircraft forwardhe forward motion is known as thrust and is one of four necessary forcesrequired for a plane to take flighthe Turbofan EngineMost jet engine images you'll see on airplanes are actually turbofan enginesa turbofan engine is a specific type of jet engine that is used on most modern aircraft

perates slightly differently than the basic jet engine model In particular, it generatesthrust notrough the compressor(otherwise known as the core)but also from theor this reason, the turbofan is known as an"air-breathing"jet engineAirplanes use the turbofan engine because it produces high thrust but operates withgood fuel efficiency Next time you re in an airplane, you can thank the turbofan enginefor thrusting you forward

5 Biggest airplanes in the worldhe first airplane ever constructed and successfully flown was the Wright Flyer At 605pounds, people couldn' t believe that something so heavy could actually fly However, orDecember 17, 1903, Orville Wright piloted the plane for a 12-second flightWhen it comes to biges, pictures definitely tell the best story, so we ve compilerthe world's top five biggest planes5 The C-5 Galaxy- The first on our list of big airplane pictures is the C-5 Galaxy, thelargest straifter in the US Armed Forces

it can carry 840,0004 The An-124- If you like big airplane pictures, you' ve got to love this one The An-124is a heavy transport plane used by the Russian military First flown in 1982, it is theRussian answer to the C-5 Galaxy Although it only holds 88 passengers, it hasaximum capacity of just under 900,000 lbs

3 The Airbus A380-800- If you take a trip on se Airlines you just might be ablride in one of these passenger planes It fits up to 853 people on two decks, and hasover 5,000 square feet of floor space in the cabingees

Nhes H-4 Herculesis airplane nas the largest wingsphistory, measuring in at 320 feet The interesting thing is that it is actually a flying boaed during WWll Known as the Spruce Gooswood and only made one flig

The An-225-Topping the chart of big plane pictures is the An-225heaviest aircraft in the world

With a maximum take-off loader13has been used to transport things like locomotives, 150-ton generators, and windUSTCOM

Airplane RunwayPhoto by david JamesonATHRUSTCOMhe runway, otherwise known as the landing strip, is the designated area where planesavoid confusion and collisions As you enjoy the photos of airplane runways below oake off and land As such, runways have to be well planned and marked carefullyconsider these interesting factsMost runways are named with a numbelom 01 to 36

The numbercorresponds to the angle of the runway, measured in degrees For examplee 09 runway will point at 90 degrees (east) and the 18 runway will point at80As you inspect the photos of airplane runways below, you'll see manymarkings an

d signs The markings show distances such as the length of anway for a takeoff and the distance available for a landingWhen you check out airplanece that most majornways are paved with asphalt or concrete However, some airplane runwayages show alternative surfaces, like grassand even ice

he result was the Wright Flyer-a biplane made out of wood The engine was customuilt,and they even carved the propellers by hand

People were amazed and couwait to snap pictures of the Wright BrotherOn December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers decided to test their flyioutside of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina Winds of over 20 miles per hour helped to gathehe airspeed necessary for takeoff, and soon Orville was in the air-the first man to everan amazing Teaair photos are some of the most popular of all Wright brothers' airplane picturesproved that piloted flight of an engine-powered aircraft was possible The Wrightbrothers improved upon the plane to create the Wright Flyer ll, and in less than a yeahey were able to accomplish a flight of over five minutes

Early Airplanes Picturesterest in flight is abexperimented with all kinds of flying instruments and aircrafts Let us take you on aisual journey as we feature fascinating antique airplane pictureshoto by David JamesonRESCUEThe BGreek philosopher Archytas built a bird-shaped model back in 400 BC Records claimthat it flew about 200 meterom that time, mankind continued to explore flight with flying devices like kiteballoons and gliders

While people could achieve flight, for the most part these earlyattempts were unmannedJean-Marieis was the first person to fly higher than his original departure point,using a glider named the Albatros For those who like early airplanes, pictures ofAlbatross are as cool as they gight Is Achievedbrothers also began their exploration of flight with gliders In 1900, theyy models that were flown successfully After multiple designs, they eventually

he Wright Flyer was made ofwith custom built propellersthe brothers colemployee to make a comble for fligWhile others claim to have made the firsts gve cbrothersd flight of a powered andontrolled aircraft that is heavier than air It was a sustained flisecondsContinued devAfter thht brothers successful flight, people became obsessed with airMany pegan to build them, and pictures of these early airplanes wereBeyond amusement, much of thepment of early airplanes was focusemilitary aircrafts

For example, thes Model H family was a series of flying boatsd by biNavy and theUS Navy

World War 1 Airplanes photosWright brothers in 1903, planesnstant sensation While many planes were initially built for amusement, itt longbefore most of the developments of the time focused on creating military aircraftshen it comes to World War 1 airplanes, photos of the aircrafts began to appear in thepre-war days While many military officers were doubtful about the use of Wwi planespictures of their combat potential soon won over the sceptics When design teamsolved the problems concerning the mounting of machine guns on the planes, thecombat aircraft was bornAir-to-Air CombatWhen it comes to World War I planes, pictures of the aircraft can be locateddifferent countries

The US, Britain, France, Italy, Russia and germany all had militaryfirst fighter aircraft made for air-to-air combat was the British plane the Vickers5 As you examine the image below, consider these factsstood for Fighting Biplane 5 a biplane is an aircraft with twostacked wings

he FB5 was equipped with a Lewis gun, a light machine gun that was first useWhen it comes to World warit was only in service one yearSoon after the worlda glimpse of the British WWI airplanes, pictures of theGerman version -the Fokkecame out Withhis aircraftcould even fire through the propeller without hitting its bladesBombeterms of World War 1 planes, pictures of bombers are also a treat for aviation lovershaps the most notorious bomber was the german gotha G

v this heavy bombeas capable of long range flights and was typically used for dropping bombs at nightle Gotha Gv engaged in combat from 1917 to the end of the war in 1918Theente Powers had bomberswn, including the Curtiss Model H family of flyingboats(US), and the British Vickers vimy

Pictures of world War 2 planeshe Second World War fought on two global fronts and inymore than a dozemajor world powers, ignited an arms race that rapidly advanced the technology used inarmed air combat

Numerous iconic and heavily used aircraft were put into serviceduring the nearly decade of war in Europe and the Pacificeve gathered some of these WW2 aircraft pictures to show you exactly what was inle sky during those years and what impact the aircraft had in the fightP-51 Mustang(North American)as successful as the P-51 Mustang Introduced latehe war by the United States, the Mustang carried 281 Ace pilots and spearheaded thew-190(Focke-Wulf)

he Fw-190 arrived in 1941 and was a wakeup caed fighters who had beereveloping a Keen senserecent years Otto Kittenoted one of these and they were used as bombers and fighters alike acreSpitfire(Supermarine)Allied effort in Europe

One of the most famous airplanes in history, no collection of neWhile the Mustang may be athe spitfire was the aircraft that definedd War 2 airplane pictures would be complete without this machine Thithe best fighters ever built

A6M Zero(Mitsubishi)apans signature fighter, the A6M Zero was a smaller, more nimble plane than anyAmerican plane at the time

It was carrier-borne as well, giving it the kind of range thatno other plane could match until the F6F Hellcat was introducedShturmovik(yushin